Protective Oils

Protective oils are used for steel at the exit of the pickle line, after the anneal/temper process or for coated steels.
They are formulated with selected highly refined paraffin base oils and blended with specific polar additives.
It provides rust protection for at least six months for coils stored indoors. The protection time for external storage will depend on the storage conditions (temperature, humidity etc).
These products have good wettability properties to ensure that the total surface of the coil is protected.
They can be applied electrostatically, by spray or roll transfer systems.
The consumption is normally 1.5 g/m², the range is typically 1.0  to 2.0 g/m² .
These products are able to match all the Customer’s Needs:

  • A Product Range specifically designed for the Automotive Sector combining soft pre-lube properties with the high removability even after artificial ageing. This range of Product already approved by Companies like Renault, Fiat and Autovaz
  • A Product range specifically designed for long term protection able to pass up to 20 hrs in the Salt Cabinet Test under ASTM B117 requirement especially for delivery by long transport by sea of the finished Coils
  • A Product Range specifically designed for high pressing demands