Special Greases

1.   High temperature, high performance grease (CONDAT FORMULA FV) 

CONDAT FORMULA FV is a high temperature grease made from a polymer-based thickener, designed to lubricating mechanical systems such as axles or bearings working up to 160 ̊C and/or working under heavy loads.
CONDAT FORMULA FV is particularly intended for the lubrication of continuous casting bearings in steel industry, the roller bearings on the hot processing lines.
CONDAT FORMULA FV exhibits excellent performance:
  • Low wear at high temperature
  • High resistance to water wash-out


   2.   High temperature, high performance grease (CONDAT MILLENIUM 505)
CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 is developed around a combination of complex soaps, calcium solphonates and high viscosity mineral oil.
CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 is designed for general lubrication of most mechanical parts operating in exceptional conditions such as high loads and high mechanical stresses, in very damp and dirty or dry but polluted environments at low and medium speeds.
CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 can be used with very long interval between top-ups in all sectors like iron and steel industries and etc.
CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 exhibits excellent performance:
  • Very high resistance to water wash-out
  • Remarkable lubrication and protection properties under high loads and in high temperatures

3.   High performance grease (CONDAT FORMULA MS , CONDAT AKRONEX EP)

These greases are recommended in most situations where lubrication of mechanical parts such as joint axels, journal bearings, fan bearings and electric motors, are required.
These products are extremely versatile, providing optimum lubrication over a large temperature range, while considerably extending time between greasing operations.



4.    Special grease for mechanisms working in heavy industries (CONDAT COUPLEX 2101 EP)
CONDAT COUPLEX 2101 EP is a grease specially developed to offer the best protection of flexible coupling rods working under high loads, water wash-out and vibration.
CONDAT COUPLEX 2101 EP is suitable for CVJ couplings and gear coupling rods for rolling mills in the steel industry, aluminum and copper plants.
CONDAT COUPLEX 2101 EP is formulated using very high viscosity base oil and high level of dry lubricants, so that presents:
  • Very high resistant to mechanical loads and water wash-out, offering superior protection of mechanical systems,
  • Excellent adherence significantly reducing loss of grease even under high RPM,
  • Very high mechanical stability to avoid softening which can give rise to loss and run off
CONDAT COUPLEX 2101 EP meets MAINA specifications.