Chemicals for Steel Surface Treatments

Cleaning fluids (CLEANERS and Degreasers) – RI-DET Series:
is a strong alkaline cleaner designed for use in continuous processing of steel, application by spray on coil line providing a very good and effective cleaning on Cold Rolled Steel surface prior to the coating process.

This product is in powder form as has the following main advantages:

• 100% active products
• stable formulations
• Less foaming
• Much higher efficienty
• Robust process
• Longer life of the bath
• Lower consumption
• Cheaper cost process
• Suitable to be stored indoor at cold Temperature below 0°C.

Passivator AGENT – RI-PASS Series :

- Passivator AGENT – RI-PASS 203

RI-PASS 203 is a passivation product Chromium 3+ based and is free of Cr6+, fluoride and heavy metals.
It is suitable passivation of HDG, EG and Galvalume.
It provides to the treated surface a very good corrosion resistance and it is over-paintable.
RI-PASS 203 can be applied by spray or immersion with roll-coater or squeeze rolls system
  • Bright surface appearance.
  • High anticorrosion properties

- Passivator AGENT – RI-PASS 216
RI-PASS 216 is a no-rinse passivation product, acid, Chromium 3/6+ based, strongly improving corrosion resistance of any kind of Galvanised surface.

 RI-PASS 216 can be applied by spray and squeeze or by chem-coater.
  • Providing high corrosion resistance
  • Can be painted

Pre-treatment for Color Coating Line – RI-PRIME 506 :
is a no-rinse pre-treatment, acid, multi-metal, Cr-6+ based.

Providing high corrosion resistance on any kind of treated substrates
Enhancing adhesion properties of coil paint package.